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Sighting – 29/07/10 Tatooine

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, there’s been so much going on about the release of the book next week! (just a heads up – people outside of UK, if you want to preorder a copy before its published in your country, you can get it with FREE DELIVERY right HERE)

In the meantime here’s a great sighting from Stefan Davenport of Chaffy versus the Empire! See more of the photos HERE ^_^

There are so many Chaffies out in the world, yet we’re getting low on sightings! If YOU’VE found a Chaffy, please do send us pics in! We’re worried about the little blighters!

Chaffy takes USA!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

THANK YOU to Jane Davies for this wonderful piece of Chaffy art, as giant Chaffy welcomes you onto the highway!
Incidentally, I heard two massive pieces of news about the Find Chaffy book last night, which i can hopefully reveal very very soon. Also, we’re going to be needing your artistic skills. MORE SOON!

Chaffy art by Jessica Sherman

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

Thank you to Jessica Sherman (more of her work here) for this brilliant piece of Chaffy art!
(don’t have nightmares, i’m sure Chaffy’s safe)