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Sighting – 20/08/10 Herfordshire, UK

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Chaffy, are those Alpacas ignoring you? How perfectly rude, don’t they know the amazing journeys you’ve been on? Where on earth did you end up this time?

Oh, a rather refined country house in rainy england! Strange place to spot Alpacas..

Not sure that’s a Chaffy…

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

If it is, someone unhook him from the gas before he deflates all around the room!
(thanks to Daryl Boyden for the sighting)

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

The Longest, Most Amazing Chaffy Journey Of All is an online comic telling the tale of one Chaffy’s ridiculously ridiculous journey through an endless array of random treats. Each panel is submitted by a different artist, so no one knows where Chaffy is going to end up next! Much though we want Chaffy to come home safely, it would be far more fun if his journey was literally endless, always being added to by new artists with new ideas!
If YOU want to join in the story and draw your own Chaffy panel for the comic, please do! We welcome all artists, just check out the details on the page.
Alternatively, if you just wanna have a read of the story so far, created by some fantastic artists, come and have a look! And keep checking back, we’ll be adding new panels as and when they come in!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

I am incredibly proud to say that my first children’s book, Find Chaffy, is now on sale. Published by Scholastic books, it’s available in all good bookshops, all across the UK (or wherever you normally buy books online). Other countries will follow soon, but if you want to order it online now then best do so from HERE, since they have free worldwide delivery! Yay!

Find Chaffy is a cute, silly, colourful adventure through a score of picture searches as you try to find all the Chaffies on their epic journey! It’s for all ages, and (hopefully) will take you quite a while to finish. Scholastic were incredible to work with and essentially let me draw whatever stupid things were in my head, so some of the things in the book are pretty random.

Here’s Chaffy checking out some of the book..

If you followed my blog at the time, you’ll know this was quite a big deal to get done in time for its deadline. Most of the work was done in just over two months around christmas last year, a frantic push to get ten highly-detailed picture searches (drawn at A2 size then shrunk) and the 28 story pages finished. Then I could tell you about the last minute dramas but hey, thats just part of the fun innit?

So that’s part of the reason I’m so proud of this book. It was the hardest I’ve worked, for probably the biggest project I’ve ever done. And to see Chaffy now reaching out to audiences around the world in this beautifully printed book, is a real buzz.
Lastly, dad passed away the very day after i finished work on Find Chaffy. So this book is dedicated to him.

So please, go and pick up a copy (its usually around a fiver or less, depending where you look) and enjoy the heck out of it! The Find Chaffy search is going big-league, and all your support is massively appreciated!

Find Chaffy book two is GO!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

This week is a really big deal for me, with the release of Find Chaffy on thursday (more about that on the day). But a little while back i started talking with Scholastic about ideas for book two, and i’m very pleased to announce the contracts are signed and we are go for a sequel! Bodes well, to be doing it before book one’s released?
So, i’ll be retreating back into official hermit status to get it all done by christmas, since we’re looking to release it next year. I won’t lie, this morning was my first official day drawing the first picture search pages and i’ve been procrastinating like mad. The photo above is how the book looks at the moment (ie ROUGH). Looking back at the first book, and how much went into it, i feel like i’m at the very bottom of a very big mountain.
But i’m proper excited to be starting a new book for Chaffy. And may i just say, we’ve gone a little mad on this one. It’s going to be INSANE ^_^