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Find Chaffy Cosplay Contest Winner!

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Congratulations to Allison O’Mullane (age 6) who sports this rather impressive Chaffy head-consuming hat, you’ve won the Find Chaffy cosplay contest! Who wouldn’t want a Chaffy for a head, this is brilliant! Your Chaffy and extra goodies will be on their way soon (usually takes me a little while to get them sent though, so please be patient).
It must be said though, some of the other entries for this contest were just superb, just humbling that people would take the time to get involved. So to everyone who entered, THANK YOU, for your time and effort! You all get signed copies of the Find Chaffy book (or if you’ve already won the book previously, something else, a Chaffy sketch maybe?), so email me your address if i don’t already have it.
And here are some of the best Chaffy cosplay we saw..

Rachel McEvoy’s ace Chaffy earrings, as modelled by a dino-Chaffy ^____^

Diane Goodwin’s brilliant Chaffy hat!

Laura Mulrennan’s great Chaffy wristband!

Jen Smith’s wonderful Chaffy necklace (want one!)

Thank you again to everyone who entered, it’s been so much fun! More chances to win Chaffies coming soon, and next week some brilliant new Chaffy fanart that takes it to the next level!

Oh and finally, special mention to Smith The Whippet, for his outstanding Chaffy headgear!

(thanks also to laurie for the pics!)


Monday, September 6th, 2010

Thanks to the very kind folk at Scholastic, we had a bundle o’ Chaffies turn up at our door the other week, all safely wrapped up and glad to find a home. So we thought, lets send them back out into the world to carry on their journey, and lets do this with a whole host of contests over the coming months for your chance to win one! Not only that, but if you win you’ll get a signed copy of the Find Chaffy book, along with stickers and a poster. And we may even have some runner-up prizes too!
So, for this contest, we’d LOVE to see some Chaffy cosplay. And, while cosplay would normally suggest making a full Chaffy costume, of course we’re not expecting anyone to go that far. By cosplay we mean anything wearable, so for example you could make a Chaffy hat, a Chaffy badge, Chaffy jewellery, Chaffy glasses…who knows? As long as it features our loveable little white Chaffy, and is something wearable, then we’d love to see it!
If you want to enter, please send a photo of whatever Chaffy item you’ve made (preferably being worn) to We’ll pick the winner in two weeks time, so thats Monday 20th September at noon (UK time), and announce it here or on Chaffy’s twitter. The winner will get a Chaffy, a signed book, posters and stickers. All entries will be posted up in a gallery on this website (as long as they’re family-friendly, so no pants or owt please!).
We look forward to seeing your Chaffy garments!