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Season’s Greetings From Find Chaffy!

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Well it’s been a very exciting year in the search for Chaffies. We’ve had sightings in from Japan, America, all across Europe and even as far away as Australia! We’ve seen The Longest, Most Amazing Chaffy Journey Of All begin, in the form of our great online comic, just filled with amazing artists and always looking for more! We’ve seen some amazing Chaffy fanart, from Chaffy jewellery to dog hats, from felt Chaffies to beautiful Chaffy artwork. And even more than that, the very first Find Chaffy children’s book is now on sale, published by Scholastic Books. Filled with amazing picture searches and ridiculous adventures, it’s bringing a whole new audience to our search!

So what of next year? Well you can be sure of PLENTY more Chaffy sightings, those tricky little scamps do have a habit of getting themselves lost all over the place so it won’t be long before they’re spotted. We’ve also completed work on Find Chaffy book two, the fantastico sequel which’ll take our search to even crazier places! That’ll be on sale in the summer.

Until next year, have a wonderful Chaffy Christmas! And keep an eye out for Chaffies!