Chaffy Easter!

We hope everyone had a great Easter hunting for easter eggs, but here at Find Chaffy Search HQ we never stop our searching! Chaffies love chocolate, but can only eat tiny amounts or else they inflate and float to the ceiling!
Luckily here’s one who has been sensible with his chocolate intake. In fact, it’s a homemade Chaffy, made by the incredibly talented Rabbie Cheetah!

Remember, if you want to join the search for Chaffies but haven’t found one of your own yet, you can always make your own just like this! And if you do, send us in a photo we’d love to see it!

2 Responses to “Chaffy Easter!”

  1. Ramia says:

    Yikes!! I gained about 60 lbs. with Cameron – aclltuay it was probably more, but I couldn’t see the numbers on the scale anymore! I only had one!You look so cute! It took me a WHILE to figure out how and why the blue was on your belly…it was your belly! Too cute!KathyKathy

  2. Rodrigo says:

    I have always bieeevld the BBC to be Roman Catholic biased – people have changed religions in the past to work there. I understand that RC’s believe the story of Christ finishes with the crucifixion – hence the crucifix with Christ still on the cross rather than the empty cross. QED, no ascension story!

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