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Chaffy cake!

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Hello Chaffy finders!
This is a very quick note from Find Chaffy H.Q. to say we’re sorry we haven’t updated the blog for a little while, we do have a whole bundle of sightings but we just haven’t found the time to sort them through yet. We’ve been too busy wandering around the garden and looking under cushions for Chaffies. But rest assured we will be updating soon, so please do keep the sightings and lovely Chaffy art coming in!
In the meantime, we found this UH-MAZING Chaffy cake on the internet. Doesn’t it look delicious? If you’re the talent behind this cake, please do get in touch!

edit: Cake made by Jan Richards for Miller’s friend Hywel. Thank you all for getting in touch!