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Hands Up, Chaffy!

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Hello, Chaffy spotters!

Here is a Chaffy spotted in the wild, it’s amazing to get some actual footage!

(actually, this is a brilliant film made by Ellis Bowers, using clay. Thank you so much Ellis, it looks amazing!)

So sorry we haven’t updated Find Chaffy for a while, but thank you everyone who has sent art and sightings in, we do really really appreciate it. We just need to find more time to keep updating the blog! In the meantime, for everyone asking where they can get a Chaffy from, we don’t have any ourselves (they’re such elusive little creatures!) – however, it may be worth emailing our publisher Scholastic ( who might be able to spot one around their office to send on. Please note – this is only a maybe though! Chaffies are very rare so we can’t promise anything, sorry.