Find Chaffy on the new PopJam app!

YES! We here at Find Chaffy HQ are delighted to announce that the search for Chaffies is about to get a lot more interactive, as we now have our very own channel on PopJam!

PopJam is a new social media app for kids (and grown-up kids), created by Mind Candy (those fantastic folk behind Moshi Monsters and more). You can upload pictures, draw on other people’s pictures, chat and basically cause colourful havoc with your friends! And now we have a dedicated Find Chaffy channel (sitting alongside Adventure Time and Doctor Who, no less!), we’ll be posting up cool cartoons, sightings, puzzles and all sorts of other things.

You can download the app on iOS and Android, click on their site HERE to find out more.

Hooray! See you on the digital side, Chaffy searchers!

4 Responses to “Find Chaffy on the new PopJam app!”

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