CHAFFIES are small, round, with one and a half ears. They’re always very happy and curious and, should you find one, it’ll be your friend for life!

However, Chaffies do have a tendency to wander off and get themselves lost. So lost, in fact, that they’ve been spotted ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Thousands of Chaffies! Millions! BILLIONS! (Maybe)

Here at Chaffy HQ we are dedicated to finding Chaffies. We receive Chaffy sightings from all over the world, which we collect together and show on this website. Each sighting helps know that particular Chaffy is safe and happy, and shows us what sort of amazing, wonderful adventures they’re having.

If you’d like to help us in our search, please do read the HOW YOU CAN HELP page. And we’ve also prepared a guide for you below, should you want to go looking for Chaffies: