Find Chaffy Gallery

Thank you so much to everyone who’s sent in Find Chaffy art, we love it all! If you’d like to send us something, email it to

^ by Jen Smith

^ by Jonathan Pierce

^ by Toby Nooler

^ by felix Fastenrath

^ 3D model Chaffy by David Mansfield

^ Justin Woo

^ Jessica Sherman

^ Sebastiaan Koning

^ MC Baldassari

^ Jessica Sherman

^ Jane Davies

^ Delme

^ Hatticus Rex

^ Ed McDonough

^ Kirsty W

^ Evie Daws

^ Roxanne Coghill

^ Jen Smith

^ Felix Fastenrath

^ Katie McQuin-Roberts

^Ryan S Thomason

^ Molly Simpson

^ Nox Fox

^ Mike Daws

^ Fierce Fierce

Thanks to Christopher Wright who not only made this aussie Chaffy, but loads more moving Chaffy friends!