Terms and Conditions

Hello! This is just a note to say that by sharing your Chaffy photo/picture online so that we can find it (ie by using the words ‘chaffy’, ‘findchaffy’, or tagging us directly), you give us permission to repost that picture on our various Find Chaffy social media and possibly our website. We may also include your @-name, and your post, by means of crediting you.

We would never use your Chaffy photo/picture in any other way without your permission.

Photos will be stored on our server for the foreseeable future, however if we have made a mistake in assigning a location, you want your credit removed, or if you want the picture removed entirely, please contact @findchaffy on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and we will do everything we can to get it done.

That’s all! Thank you, and good luck finding Chaffies!