Find Chaffy comic panels - terms and conditions

We would love you to contribute a single panel to continue our Chaffy story, but here are just a few things to mention before you do..

- Your panel size must be received as a gif or jpeg, and must be 525 pixels wide (height can vary, but sticking around 350 pixels would be nice). That said, it’s always a good idea to draw the original bigger than these sizes, and at a hi-res, just in case we want to show your artwork bigger sometime in the future.

- Please email your contribution to

- Please make sure your panel doesn’t end the story (obviously), or contains anything rude, sweary or excessively violent. But please do go wild and silly with your imagination, we welcome all approaches, styles, and contributors!

- If you want to put your name and website address under (or in) your panel, please do but make it discreet. Obviously we want people to see who you are, but not at the expense of your art. We reserve the right to edit your info (ie shrink it) if required.

- While we’ll try to show all submissions received, sometimes this may not be possible, and we are under no obligation to do so.

- We have many ideas for future Chaffy adventures already planned and/or in development. As such, any similiarity in tone, content or appearance between what you submit and any future Find Chaffy artwork (whether in book form or otherwise) is entirely coincidental.

- Your artwork will only be shown on this website, as a free fun story for people to read (and hopefully explore new artists!). If we ever want to use your artwork for anything other than this, we will of course contact you first.

- Find Chaffy, Chaffy, and all likenesses are ©2010 Jamie Smart / Scholastic Children’s Books