Find Chaffy


Design your own Chaffy!

Hello everyone!

Well since everyone’s staying indoors a lot more at the moment, it might be a little tricky looking for Chaffies around the world. But don’t worry, in the meantime we can just make our own! Here’s a printable page for you or your little ones to design your own Chaffy however you like, and then colour it all in afterwards! Just click the image to see the full size image, then download and print it. And once you’ve designed your own Chaffy do show us, we’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we’d love to see what you’ve come up with!



WELCOME to the brand new Find Chaffy website and store!

We are super excited to welcome you to our brand new Find Chaffy website! We’ve been working on it for aaaages, and now it’s finally here and ready to go. Your one stop shop for finding Chaffies, featuring the newest Chaffy sightings, amazing Chaffy art, funny videos, downloads, and our online store!

REMEMBER! Chaffies are everywhere, all over the world, but they can be a little tricky to find. If you DO find one, be sure to show us a photo, and then tag us @findchaffy on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’ll collect together some of the very best sightings and share them in our gallery, with new ones every week, so you’ll always be able to keep track of our worldwide Chaffy search! Not only that, but we’ll be awarding prizes to the very best Chaffy sightings (see gallery for details)!

Another exciting piece of news is our online store. Our store only sells one thing at a time, and often that one thing will be the first Find Chaffy BOOK!

Find Chaffy the book takes you on a long, ridiculous journey, following a Chaffy as it ventures into a wide world filled with ghosts, pigs, angry little robots, and so much more besides. Enjoy the silly story and try to find not just one, but a bundle of Chaffies, hidden inside a load of huge, colourful picture searches. Find Chaffy the book is suitable for all ages, and we do mean ALL ages, it’s fun for children and adults alike!

(Also comes free with a double-sided bookmark, to help you keep track of all the Chaffies you’re finding!)

And as for Chaffies themselves? Well, here at Chaffy HQ we occasionally have more Chaffies than we can look after, so we like to offer some up for adoption. We ship them out in themed boxes, containing a load of other fun Chaffy merchandise, exclusively available to that one box. These events only happen once in a while, so keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news of when the next one will be happening!

In the meantime, we’ll be updating this blog with all our latest Chaffy news, and all the exciting Chaffy-related projects we’re currently working on. So do keep in touch, and keep looking for Chaffies!